Minor Retouching – Blue Sky Guarantee – Next Day Delivery – Single Listing Website


HDR Photos (Blue sky guarantee and minor retouching provided free)

10 Photos – $129
15 Photos – $159
20 Photos – $189
25 Photos – $219
30 Photos – $249
35 Photos – $279


HDR Photos and a 360º Virtual Tour (10¢ pr. sq. ft. after 3000 sq. ft.).

10 Photos – $229
15 Photos – $259
20 Photos – $289
25 Photos – $319
30 Photos – $349
35 Photos – $379


HDR Photos, 360º Virtual Tour, & Floor Plan (10¢ pr. sq. ft. after 3000 sq. ft.).

10 Photos – $329
15 Photos – $359
20 Photos – $389
25 Photos – $419
30 Photos – $449
35 Photos – $479


Create your own package by selecting “A la Carte” when ordering, and then select from ADDITIONAL SERVICES listed below.



You can add these additional services to any of our packages, or build an A La Carte package.

HDR Photos

You can add more photos to a package. Each photo includes processing to HDR, basic retouching and blue sky added for exterior photos.

$8 ea. photo

360° Virtual Tour by Matterport

Elevate your listings with a 360º Virtual Tour by Matterport, which creates a 3D model that allows prospective buyers to navigate through the property. Tour links are provided via Matterport as Branded, Unbranded, and MLS compatible. The tour link can also be shared on Social Media.  These links are good for six months, then must be renewed on Matterport for another six months for $25.

$179 up to 3000 sq. ft. 10¢ per sq. ft. after 3000 sq. ft.

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is a cost-effective alternative to traditional staging. We provide you with a wide assortment of styles and decor from which to choose, producing realistically staged photos for prospective buyers.  1 revision request is provided per virtual staging.  There is a $20 charge for subsequent revisions.

$59.00 per photo

Virtual Renovation

Need to start marketing a property that is still under construction? We have the perfect solution. We can take a property that is still being renovated or that is under construction and render it to look completed. Prices start at $139: we will quote a specific price according to the scope of the work to be done.

$139.00 base price

Drone Video & Photos

A drone operator will take photos and video clips from multiple angles, heights, and approaches.  Our editing team will then create a 1-2 minute video from those clips with music and any other information overlays you would like us to include, process the high definition photos, and deliver them to your Order within 2 business days.  Clients have an opportunity to make one change request to the video

$489.00 base price

Drone Video

Our professional drone videography provides aerial footage in a 1-2 minute video to showcase your residential property from a unique perspective in the sky.  It is perfect for showing the surrounding neighborhood, viewing large properties, and providing context to nearby amenities and features.

$399.00 base price

Drone Photos

A drone operator will take high definition photos from multiple angles and heights  Six photos are delivered, but you can order additional photos.  Photos are delivered the next business day.

$199.00 base price

$18 per additional photo

Video Walkthrough

A videographer will walk through the property with you to determine what to highlight within the
property. The videographer will create multiple video clips that our editors will use to create a 1-2 minute video with music and any other information overlays or branding you would like us to include. Clients have an opportunity to make one change request.

$349 up to 3000 sq. ft.
10¢ per sq. ft. over 3000 sq. ft.

Slideshow Video

A video composed of still images sequenced to music, informational graphics, and transitions.

$39.00 for a 1-2 minute video


A PDF flyer you can design yourself using one of our templates after your photos have been delivered!


2D Floor Plan

Our standard 2D floor plans are rendered in black and white, but we can customize them to suit your branding needs.

$159 up to 3000 sq. ft. (1 floor/1 page)
10¢ per sq. ft. for properties over 3000 sq. ft.
$10 per additional floor/page

2D Floor Plan Redraw

We will take an existing floor plan and redraw it according to your specifications.


3D Floor Plan

3D floor plan provides a way for potential buyers to visualize the layout of the property. This is a rendering from a pre-existing floor plan.


Twilight Rendering

A digitally created twilight photo that highlights the mood and atmosphere of the property. An affordable alternative to evening photography.

$29.00 per photo


Professional headshots of agents taken on location, and then a background added, which you may choose.

EXECUTIVE:  3 people @ $225.  $75 per additional person.  Professional flash equipment and a background can be added.

STANDARD:  10 people @ $300.  $50 per additional person.  No professional flash equipment or added background.

Retouching & Declutter

Removing furniture or other unwanted objects, and any other extensive retouching needed in the photo.

$39.00 for the first photo, then $30 each per additional photo

Retouching of Existing Photos

We will accept your existing photos, such as ones you may have taken with your phone, enhance the photos, and add blue sky to views and exterior shots.

$2.99 per photo

Video Editing

We provide video editing services for clients who have existing video clips and would like us to create a pleasing short video with music and titles.

$99 per project


Concierge Service

If you don’t have the time to place orders and administer to them, we can provide that service for you for a small fee per project.



Travel Fee

Under certain circumstances a travel fee may be added when placing your Order, depending on the time and distance to the photo shoot, tolls, and/or parking expenses. This Travel Fee compensates the photographer.


Cancellation Fee

A fee will be charged for Orders cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice or when an agent does not show up within 30 minutes of the appointed time. This compensates the photographer for their time and travel.